‘Say what you mean and mean what you say’ is something that I learned a while back. I’m not one of those people that talk just to talk and to hear themselves speak as their chests swell with pride at the sound of their voice. That bores me, annoys me, and, sometimes, almost antagonizes me.… Read More

There are some authors who believe that writing is therapy or bloodletting; basically turning it into some form of catharsis or other. We’ve all seen the memes that warn not to piss a writer off because you will be in their next novel or that the writer has opened their veins while writing a particular… Read More

November? What happened to October? September is the last time I posted here. I’ve thought about creating a newsletter that would consolidate all the news, events and literary activities that I was involved with during Hispanic Heritage month. I wax and wane about blogging. It’s somehow been great for my novel writing. It helps- just… Read More

2014 was my second year joining in as an author at the Brooklyn Book Festival. If you’ve never been there it’s almost impossible to imagine the number of people and books that line the streets. It was almost just as hard for me to believe that I was actually taking part in such a wonderful event.… Read More

When is the angst over? Does Joyce Carol Oates wring her hands in secret? Does Stephen King pace before contacting his publisher or during the editing process? Probably not. I dutifully sit with my editor line editing my mystery Do No Harm that is slated to be published by Aignos Publishing Co. in 2015.  I admit I… Read More


Candle light? Guitar strumming in the background? A glass of fine wine? It would be great if that had been the ambience the first time I read in public. Instead, it was at a bookstore in NYC. Bright lights, empty seats, and my nerves tangled into one complex ball of feverish belly fire. It’s only… Read More

Change happens whether we want it or not. There are other powers out there that impact our lives. My spouse said “God is a great technologist” as we drove past the Delaware Water Gap. I agreed as I said, as I always do, “Wow, this is like being in 3D!” It’s my private joke since… Read More


La Pluma y La Tinta presents When Brooklyn Was Brooklyn Join us for an evening of great reads Saturday May 17th, 2014 Lit Crawl: The Brazen Head (21+) 228 Atlantic Avenue, 7 – 8PM hosted by Raquel Penzo Featuring: Blu Daniels Alicia Anabel Santos Rebeca Lois Lucret Theresa Varela  … Read More

PYT April14

Come join us at 4pm on April 27, 2014 at Simplicity Wine Bar 310 Malcolm X Blvd. Brooklyn, NY 11223 The New Voices Series Reading Anthology will be available for purchase. I’m happy to have a short story included in the anthology.      … Read More