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Welcome to my blog! Here I weave prose with an occasional sprinkling of poetry about Spirituality and Writing. I hold a PhD in Nursing Research and Theory Development and am a Psychiatric Nurse Practitioner working in the community with the homeless of NYC. I am a proud member of the PEN American Center, a board member of the Latina 50 Plus organization, and a member of Las Comadres para las Americas. My novel Covering the Sun with My Hand won a second place award for Best First Novel at the International Latino Book Awards 2015.

My writings are from the perspective of one who is in awe of the power of the Universes and its spiritual influence on people and how they relate to others  and the urban environment. I consider myself a warrior for the healing and reconstruction of our troubled planet. As a writer, I blend Spiritualism and Magical Realism and create stories that some may call “paranormal,” but that I term, “normal.” I write mostly about Latinas who do what it takes to squeeze out of the expectations of traditional women’s roles and create new and wondrous lives.

On Sundays, I post a weekly blog here that encompasses the realms of writing, spirituality, and other perspectives of my wonderfully mundane world.  I often add interviews about people who inspire the written and spoken word. My muse whispers the subject matter to me and leaves it up to me to share my thoughts, visions, and offerings.  They are urban inspired although some of my most precious time is on the beach or in the woods where I find peace, solace and all those other things that we cherish.

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  1. Theresa, Thank you so much for your novel, Covering The Sun With My Hand! Although I am not a Latina, did not stay “close” to home, and did not have “tradition” mark many choices, I had much identification with the main character. It took me many years to free myself and deliver myself to myself. The book was a real treat!

    1. Diane, thank you so much for your words. I’m moved that you took time to write this note for me. I think we all have more likenesses than differences and the ability to identify and not compare is what is so healing. Again, I thank you! Theresa

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