Daisy Muñiz: amateur sleuth

So what is Daisy Muñiz doing these days? Many of you have asked, where is the sequel to Nights of Indigo Blue? Daisy’s been eager to be back on the pages. In fact, between working with Sophia Cornelius and making meetings she’s smack in the middle of a second case that is much closer to the Park Slope brownstone she calls home. This entry Murder at the Gowanus Canal brings us back to Brooklyn where it all started. We find out a bit more about what really happened between the gorgeous couple, Jose and Rubio, when they separated during the first mystery in this series. Daisy would love to move forward in her love life with Rodriguez and in her spiritual life as she prepares to receive the Warriors in her religious tradition. But it seems like she should just take a seat as  her plans seem to become totally and tragically out of her control. Stay tuned.