New Voices Reading Series at La Casa Azul- January 27, 2013

Come and join us for readings from mostly new and as yet published writers. The New Voices Reading Series was started by the writing workshop La Pluma y La Tinta. This group was co-founded by Raquel I. Penzo, the JadedNYer, and yours truly, Theresa Varela, about three years ago. We travel to different forums for our readings […]

“Vito Marcantonio and the Puerto Rican People: Solidarity and Progress”

WHAT: Vito Marcantonio and the Puerto Rican People: Solidarity and Progress WHY: Vito Marcantonio, Congressman for East Harlem for 14 years, served as the de-facto Congressman for Puerto Rico and valiantly  fought for Puerto Rico’s independence. The Vito Marcantonio Forum seeks to preserve the history of the radical political tradition of East Harlem, the cultural […]

‘Fun’ in Fundraising

Charities abound! My urges to give back to ‘the community’ can be as tempestuous as a storm. They ebb and flow like the tide. When I watch television and see the plight of starving children and maltreated neglected animals, my desire to give back becomes strong. This year I plan to run in the ING […]