Palabras: Spiritual Oracle

Palabras: Spiritual Oracle © Las Estrellas- The stars. During my early morning run I looked above and spied the crescent shaped moon that was still showing herself in all of her glory. A hawk flew low above me. I felt I could reach up and touch her. I listened for her message. It was to […]

Palabras-El Baile- The Dance

I’m in the midst of training for the NYC Marathon; everything seems to take a great effort. Today, I’m in the afterglow of an eighteen mile run and that makes me want to shrug extras off. My legs feel as though they’ve been pummeled. My seventeen mile run last week went so well, that when […]

Palabras: Sobriedad- Sobriety

It’s been a couple of weeks since I’ve pulled a card and done a general read. Today, I looked forward to receiving the message. I’ve enjoyed seeing how the read shows itself in my life throughout the week. I took my usual steps in grounding and centering myself before I invited the energy of my […]

Palabras: Spiritual Oracle- Oscuridad and Sur *Dark and the South

Distracted, but getting lots of tasks, errands and all of those things we make lists of, done. Looking at my bulletin board where I listed several things that I thought were ‘oh, so important’ I see that a few were quickly forgotten. At the time I wrote them down, they were important. Now the list is […]

Palabras: Spiritual Oracle- Las Estrellas * The Stars

Feeling the energy of tonight’s big Grandmother Moon, I sit anticipating the coming week and basking in the beauty of the weekend. Feeling loved, being in love and sharing love with others is a simple gift of life. Yet it is something that cannot be bought. I can treasure my relationships and feel secure in the […]

Palabras: Spiritual Oracle- The Toreador

The magic of a bit of gardening, writing, running and eating sandwiches on our porch continues to reverberate within me. As I sat to pull the card, my two novel protagonists, Julia and Rene Acevedo, jumped into my mind. I spent a great deal of the weekend with them. Needing to make sure that I […]

Palabras: Spiritual Oracle- Celebration

This weekend was another whirlwind of beauty and joy. It started with me having a tummy ache that I attributed to a birthday celebration dinner at a fine restaurant that we adore. Friday morning I could barely move with a heaviness about me and a queasy belly. By the evening I was myself again and […]

Palabras: Spiritual Oracle- Opportunity

I’ve just received surprising news from someone who is choosing to consciously partake of a new activity that she has been dabbling in for a while. The decision to actively participate is different than falling into a situation that happens to present itself. I’m not thinking outcomes here; I am focusing on how we involve […]

Palabras– Spiritual Oracle: Caridad

After spending a couple of weeks with my daughter, Mara Cordova, the illustrator of this oracle, I am psyched! We spent our time was sharing our creativity, critiquing in the most loving ways and being in truth about what our individual expectations are in terms of these cards and our lives in general. The moon […]

Palabras:Spiritual Oracle- Impasse

  This past week has been a whirlwind of creative activity. Mara Cordova, the illustrator of this spiritual oracle, has been hard at work. We’d originally thought she’d complete them on the computer. No, siree! Instead, she’s set up a work station on the dining room table and has been painting them with gouache paints. They […]