We’re smack in the middle of 2021! My hopes are that you are not only surviving but thriving during this enduring pandemic. Please stay safe as our country begins reopening to a new way of life. I want to see you in person again at all those groovy book events. I miss you all! My heart is with you during this time.

To update you on my writing, I’m still at work on my second Daisy Muñiz Mystery: Murder at the Gowanus Canal. I’m rethinking the name since the story takes place in Gowanus but we know the neighborhood more as Redhook. I spent many hot summer Saturday afternoons there with my dad when I was a rugrat. I sat in the car reading Archie comics while he tooled under the hood of the car.

I’m on the second draft of my Graciella La Gitana Oracle work book- although I may call it a playbook. It’s chock full of information with more content explaining the concepts and has card spreads for you to use. I am still doing spiritual readings and offering great workshops! Feel free to connect with me. I’d love to hear from you.

Below are my books and oracle. Click on the pics for purchase. If you’d like me to sign any, please let me know and I’ll be happy to do so.

Blessings and light!

Theresa Varela

Coney Island Siren
Nights of Indigo Blue
Covering the Sun with
My Hand

Answered by Silence
Graciella la Gitana Oracle