On which side of sanity

All too often we label ourselves as something we feel most comfortable with-a writer, a clinician, a parent and partner. As I create this blog I sift through my thoughts and my feelings, who am I today and who is it that I really want to project out into the larger world. I was given the charge of creating a platform. That was a tall order I realized when I began to think of my roles on this planet-they are many. I looked at the three blogs I’d been writing on-albeit all too infrequently- and noted that my persona has been divided up into different beings that all amount to one-me. My closest relationships know that I write poetry and stories and that I write prescriptions all day long in my work as a psychiatric nurse practitioner. They also know that, just like many of the people I work with, I listen to the voices that speak to me. I call these voices my spiritual guidance, my intuitiveness and my muse.  I am not concerned with others knowing that I listen to my inner voices to point me along in the best directions for me. Like the rest of us, I need all the help I can get. In my work, I encourage my clients to listen to their inner voices, as along as they aren’t disturbing, aren’t destructive and serve the client and others in a positive way. Yesterday evening I posted the second reading that I channeled for one of my spirit guides, Graciella La Gitana, in my weekly column Palabras. This column can be found on www.plumaytinta.org. This site is a creation for the Latina Writers Workshop that I helped to found with Raquel Penzo and Rebeca Toledo. We write, we read and we help to provide a forum for very talented people to show their creativity. I think that some of my friends would laugh at this title “on which side of sanity.” We are all on one side or the other-at any given time! I happen to enjoy shifting my perspectives and love to show that in my different types of writings and readings. I have a couple of published research articles that are quite different to the poems I’ve written about my subway experience. As I continue to explore myself and share that in my writing, I hope to integrate more of who I am and will continue to share that in the writings that I share with you.


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