Palabras- El Fuego

Lighting candles and Tiki torches this afternoon, I was dismayed at the poor quality matches that barely burned. I lit one after another- a bit frustrated, until finally my task was done. Afterwards, I spent the afternoon with dear friends, all loved for the special beings that they are.  We had a very delicious barbecue, sat together and told stories of things important and humorous. We shared titles of books deemed intriguing. Toward the latter part of the evening I excused myself to pull the card from the oracle belonging to Graciella, la Gitana. I could feel her very business-like, she wore glasses and I felt as though she’s been writing in the ethers again. I smudged, centered and asking her the message for today, we pulled the Fuego card- the fire.

 El Fuego

Image: Very simply- the image is of fire. If one gazes into the fire images can be seen.

Words:  The dance lives in the fire. Look deeply to discern the spirit and sacred of life. Listen to the hiss, feel the heat. Observe the embers and the worlds they show you. Do not be afraid and offer to it the respect it has earned from the beginning.

Read: Tonight, in this fire, I discerned elves, dogs and rabbits. These images change, apparently, since I’ve never seen them in the card until tonight. The representations of these images bring forth illusion, magic, loyalty and fear, anticipation and fertility in the creative realm. There is truly magic in the air. You are the creator of your world and the turns that your destiny takes. Yes, there is some truth to the notion of a predestined future but there is nothing that cannot be changed by taking action and accepting the responsibility of your life. This card is about the passion that is but a small flicker of fire within when we are born. What we do with this life force remains to be seen, experienced and most importantly, acknowledged. Awaiting the words of another to free us or to open the door to our many worlds unknown can result in our fires staying turned down on low and never rising, giving heat to who we are meant to be and can be in our lifetimes. Take some time, make a fire, whether it be in your meditation or in your fire pit, go ahead, allow the fire to burn away what keeps you back from smoldering as the fiery, passionate person you are. This is not to be done with fear or with a lack of sensibility. Do it with purpose. Embrace who you really are and love who you find within the deep recesses of your being, who you may never have encountered before.


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