Sparkling Blogs

There are some blogs that shimmer, others dazzle with great shine

Words that captivate attention, creativity sublime

Sentences meander to a place of ingenuity

Stories that are told deserve a place in history

Take me there with your intuitive pizzazz

I will put my trust in your writing razzmatazz

Keep blogging for all it’s worth

There’s a place for your blog on this wide, vast Earth

 In other words, I just realized I love blogging. Anyone who’s kept up with my blog already knows that it’s been a love, hate, what should I wear to the ball, sort of feeling for me. I spoke to a friend who’s been bike riding and she said, “When I was on my twenty-fifth mile, something clicked. I knew that I could ride fifty miles and enjoy it!” That’s how I’ve felt about blogging all week. Blogging has made me reach, down deep. It’s like stretching into a barrel, as far as you can go and, still, you have to elongate your fingers just a little further to pick something that you care about. The prized pickle!

 Writing is the yang of blogging while reading is the yin. Taking the time to read others’ blogs is a discipline. Another friend mentioned, “You produce content, you can’t spend too much of your time reading.” Well, I’ve been spending more and more time reading others’ blogs. I’m happy to be part of a community of bloggers. It’s a balancing act but well worth it.

I like getting lost in the tales of bees and bollywood, vampires and expectations unmet; art and culture that I would never come in contact with were it not for the town of blog. When I first began to write, seriously, I don’t mean in the first grade, I put my arm over my page and hid what I wrote. I also became afraid to read- something that I’ve loved to do all of my life. If someone else’s work seemed more creative than mine I sometimes sulked, seethed, and resented their talent. I initially balked at the suggestion to blog but I put pen to paper anyway. By continuing to write and share and stretch, I can now enjoy the depth and the simplicity of others’ creativity.

 Becoming acquainted with how others set up blog sites, keep their focus and share what’s important to them in their part of the universe has been liberating. It’s brought my existence closer to people that I would never otherwise know live on the planet. I continue to hack away at my novel and come up for air to share words, situations, and themes that are important to me. I’ve created closer relationships with others just like me, who breathe, eat, drink, and are consumed with the written and spoken word. And I love it!


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