Palabras- La Gitana

This has been a weekend of great personal reward. There were dreams that I’d forgotten I had that actually came true.  It seems to be a theme with me that only when I surrender my hopes and desires that suddenly they manifest before me. It never fails. The days that I say “Today, I will turn it over,” nothing much happens. The times I really let go and allow Spirit to be in charge is when I receive the thing I’ve so been wanting. It may not be in the form I thought I wanted it to be but, nevertheless, whatever it is appears in the form it should be. So, it was important for me to settle in, center, ground myself and then pull the card with Graciella, who it seems, has been celebrating a bit on her own.

Image: Graciella la Gitana dances barefoot. She is wearing her swishy skirt, her hair is swinging loose and she holds the tambourine high with ribbons twirling. Next to her sits a male who is smiling as he plays a guitar. On her other side is a parrot who sits on his stand, watching over all. Behind her is a curtain that hides another room. Next to that room is a door that has a ring hanging on it. On closer inspection the ring is shaped like an animal bone-a bull’s horn or the crescent moon.

Words: Tambourine jingling, guitar strumming. Others have told you about your identity. Stories have been told about you. Movies and songs have been written about you. It is important for others to think what they need. You know who you are. You know what your identity is. Keep the mystery.

Read: The resounding message I heard as I pulled this card is to be yourself, fully and as much as you can. There are always parts of ourselves that we don’t know yet. The old adage “More will be revealed” may be true but there is something to be said for honoring yourself fully today. Obviously, Graciella is depicted in these cards today as dancing in celebration, but of what? She has taken off her shoes and dances barefoot allowing the vibration of what is below to come through her but still being connected to that which is above. Being in touch with something higher is symbolized in the crescent moon-her femininity and faith in something greater than herself that illuminates her. We can say that the male sings and she dances. This is truly symbolic of her two natures- the masculine and the feminine together- complementing each other. She is not afraid to be herself, in full regalia, of a woman who loves life. The parrot is also colorful, exotic and will repeat everything that it hears. She is not afraid to be herself. While others think they know her they can never know her as much as she does herself. To thine own self be true.


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