Palabras-The Cape

 Cheers and celebration brought the athletes through the finish line at the triathlon I attended today. While the letters spelled out “Finish”- in reality, there is usually no true finality. The athlete picks up his or her medal, packs up a load of gear and goes home reveling in a performance well done. They also calculate what could have been done differently for a personal better race time and begin to strategize for their next race. The preparation is done days, months and years before the spectators have the opportunity to yell, yay! Although I hadn’t raced today, I was exhausted and came home to nap before I sat down to pull this card with Graciella, la Gitana. Even before we had completed the centering process, I began to hear her message and the card, The Cape, merely confirmed what I was already told.

Image: The toreador is seen from behind. His cape takes center stage while his figure is unseen within the fabric that swirls and twirls in the air. The entirety of his form is hidden. His facial features are also unseen as his back is to the reader.  The toreador’s hat sits atop his head.

Words: Swirling in the air, the cape is used to hide, tease and protect. It disguises the figure that moves forth within.  Wear it well. Maneuver it like a second skin, a well-thought out and calculated movement. It is planned execution of thought, action and results. You are ready for the fight.   

Read: The message I received in pulling this card was that this is a week of completing projects that have been honed. Take the project, wait no more and send it out into the universe. It is time for others to see it and to experience your creativity. If you have been stalling or fearful, wait no more. This is the time that you and everyone else have been waiting for. The wise choice of waiting for your project to be completed, with a commitment toward responsibility, can go astray if you then never make the decision to bring it forward into the world. Our creations are meant for ourselves-to a degree. We are born to share our gifts with others so we can all experience the fullness of the lives of others and new perspectives in the world. How many times have you been to a museum and have stood in front of a piece that brought you a whole new colorful way to perceive the world? Without experiencing the perspective of the artist, our own experience is not challenged or sometimes even defined.  Find the gift that is within you and bring it forward for the rest of us to learn from and to enjoy. Just as the athlete, the toreador practices, hones and skillfully shows his expertise to those who are waiting to cheer, olé!


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