Triathloning (is that a word?) isn’t something that I ever really heard of until I hit my, ahem, forties. Tomorrow my partner and a dear friend will be taking part in the Olympic distance. This means swimming 0.9 miles, biking 24 miles and, last but not least, running 6.2 miles. You can catch Pat’s blog at where you can read about her experiences in this athletic madness. I’ve been inspired by her determination, active participation in life and, mostly, ability to share when the training has been toothgnashing disappointing.

Today, I’ll try not to be annoying by asking her details repeatedly. I will pray that the clouds disperse for a sunny light blue sky. I will also watch every move she makes because her wild enjoyment in this has caught me by surprise and I plan to follow in her steps. A couple of weeks ago I began swimming after years of not jumping in the pool for serious laps. I’ve also taken my road bike out for a tune up. The store owner told me my bike was very nice and suggested I not leave it in the garage anymore. I continue to run my runs, one of my most favorite things in the world.

It’s nice to be witness to others’ happiness and I’m glad I’m conscious enough to share in it! To be continued…


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