Miracles Happen

I’ve seen miracles happen. I’ve heard of people talk about them, some with a reverent bow of their heads and others in entire disbelief.  Synchronicity happens. Sometimes the elements seem to conspire so that a certain thing comes to pass.  We witness a miracle when a rainbow crosses the sky. We experience another when someone says, excuse me, but I’m going to get some of that gold that comes at the end of it. I realize that “miracles happen” because of a mix of things. Some of those things are extraordinary and others are mundane- and that best describes the kind of world I live in.

In my experience, someone says yes. Another person creates a placard with a big loud message written on it in bold letters with glitter and exclamation points. Yet another fights his or her way on to the front of the bus and says my feet hurt and I’m going to sit. People speak and others listen. Many knowingly give their lives. There are warriors who are fierce and charge with their weapons of arrows, lances, and knives. And there are those who simply write a paragraph and share what goes on in their hearts and minds in order to stand up for what they believe in.

 I once stood in a crowd and surged forward to protect the dignity of a young man who was brutally murdered because he was gay. I remember the fear I felt when an officer came toward my partner warning her to get rid of her camera but we kept walking to preserve our dignity too. Matthew Shepard and countless others have been killed because of who they were and what they believed in. As a child I had no idea what the participants in the Stonewall Riots would affect in my life. Homosexuality was only declassified as a mental illness in 1973 when I was a young kid who couldn’t even begin to identify the trueness of myself. Today, the rainbow of sexuality- in all of its splendor- can be explored by adolescents and adults who might not have this opportunity if it were not for the courageous ones who first came forward.

At some point in my life when I was coming out and forward I heard that its best not to leave before the miracle happens. The promise that a miracle might happen for me came from a wonderful group of people I cherish. I loved the thought that if I stuck to something I believed in, without a heart full of resentment, that miracles would happen for me. Goddess willing, on Sunday, my partner and I will be legally married in NYC with some of our very closest loved ones present. It may be a miracle, but I think this has happened because some regular folks got together and conspired to allow love to happen. I am blessed this day. In my heart I thank all of those who came before me and pray for those who are coming up behind me.

Tell me about your miracle today!


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