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My reading list has multiplied faster than a litter of reggaetoning bunnies. Once the word was out that I’d been on the hunt for good Latino mysteries, I’d somehow connected with a bunch of readers and a crazy number of writers.  When I started blogging and trying to figure out what I wanted to focus on, I came up with three things. They were spirituality, psychiatry and, of course, writing. The events of the last couple of weeks showed me there has been one common theme-Connecting. Sitting alone in front of a computer for hours on each does not exist- or at least it shouldn’t.

One of the loneliest states to be in is one of isolation. I hear about this everyday in my little corner of the mental health world. Isolating becomes so powerful that many people believe that they actually like and crave it.  Not wanting to be bothered with others, thinking one doesn’t have much to share or the opposite stance of feeling greater than everyone else doesn’t leave much room for connection.  In the days of olde, a writer scratched some fountain blue ink on thick parchment paper, bound it in twine and voila- a book was born. The next step was to have one’s manservant or one’s lady in waiting make sure it reached the editor and publisher by the end of a fortnight. An occasional feather on your blotter might have been most trying. [Note: Jane Austen was not the only famous early female author. Filomena Padilla wrote too, but she did so in dirt with a stick]. Not today! Zim. Zam. It’s already there. And there are several billion other books just like it saying, choose me, choose me. It’s essential to make some sort of connection with yourself first and then your intended audience.

A spiritual must for me is that I read other writers’ great and mundane works. These conspire to make me feel one of a greater community.  I’ve decided to open my blog up even further. I’d like to know what my comadres and compadres in the writing world think when they put pen to paper, fingertip to key or voice to Dictaphone. There are distinct variables that have converged in order for us to choose our writing genres. My plan is to have interviews with the countless others I connect with. There are those of us who choose to write instead of watching a fourth episode of Law and Order. We stay at our desks late into the night knowing we have an eight am meeting at our day job. We write YA mysteries after spending a day with rowdy teens.

I’m glad the several authors who took the time out to comment on my blog did. I don’t think they wanted to “sell” their books at all. It was more about connecting the similarities. Some were Latino, others were interested in the genre and a few thoughtful folks gave credit where it was due.  Today, my question is where’d you get the writing fever and how do you keep the flame alive!

Talk to me writers. Press comment and keep the fires burning!


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