Boogie Board Blogging

Blogging is very much like floating on your boogie board. Dangling your hand over the side leads to the probabilities that you may end up touching something that you hadn’t figured would be there when you first climbed on.  As I continue blogging, new things surface all the time. The trick has been not to drown in the waves of information that overtake me when I’m in the process of floating, er, blogging.

There are countless numbers of blogs out there, just like waves. I want to read all of it, all right, some of it. One cannot blog for interminable lengths of time and never visit another’s blog site.  I have to admit I am curious. I wonder why a particular person has 2359 teeny weeny portraits of people that have signed on to their site. Sometimes the reason is apparent and at other times it’s not. I’m one of those people who will sign up to follow someone’s blog if my heart strings get pulled. I’m not talking about pretty puppy pictures. I’m referring to committing my time to the blogger who has shared some evocative or significant piece on how they view their corner of the planet. The blogger doesn’t have to be sympathetic or even transparent but someone who decided to tell us what is meaningful in their lives and wasn’t afraid to write it. 

Blogs can be about more than one thing. We’re all about many different things. At the recent NYC Blogher/Penguin conference, I was reminded that my voice may sound different dependent on what I’m feeling, experiencing and thinking at various times. That sounded right to me. Sometimes I smile so broadly that I can’t stop even though my face hurts. Other times my apprehensions leave me in a state of preoccupation. I might end up riding an extra stop on the F train because I’m lost in thought. I was going to write G train, but everyone who knows me is aware I don’t ride the G train. If you’ve been reading my blog, you’ve gotten to know me and I hope I’ve gotten to know more about you by reading your blog and “listening” to your many voices. 

I still haven’t figured out how to visit all the blogs I’ve signed up to read. I plan to read blogs on a certain day or time of the week. I may forget or am scheduled for a meeting that I’d better not miss. I try to keep my visiting schedule for others because I know how much I enjoy being visited and receiving comments. Open dialogue is one of the most enjoyable things about blogging.

I’d like continue blog surfing as I do boogie boarding- lying on my stomach, relaxed, with my hands dangling into the lovely sea green waters. When I come to shore and pad along the beach I enjoy picking up little glittering shells, crustaceans and the like. Sometimes I put them back where they belong and other times they beg me to pick them up and take them home. I pick the blogs I read in pretty much the same way. There are those special ones that whisper softly to me and those are the ones that I’ll press the little tab and “Follow” wherever that blogger takes me.

What keeps you coming back to a blog?


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