Palabras: La Romantica

Taking advantage of getting away for the weekend, there was plenty of time for me to write, cook, eat, and watch movies. I stayed in my robe a good part of Saturday. This was all very unlike me and I loved it. I’m the one who is usually up before dawn charging forward with a list of things to do. The past few weekends have been hectic as have my work days. I decided to pull the card early today. Smudging myself and the cards with sage, shuffling and fanning the cards out were how I began, as usual. I love routine. Together, Graciella la Gitana, my spirit guide and I pulled the card- La Romantica- the romantic.

Image: The image is that of a young girl, long dark hair flowing behind her in the breeze, who is leaving a large estate. Her left hand holds her wrap close to her. The right hand holds onto the wrought iron railing that leads to the stairs. Behind her is a large decorative window. There is shrubbery, apparently well tended, in front of the window. A crease in her skirt, near her creative center, has the shape of the crescent moon.

Words: Slight wistfulness and hope. No promises are made. The day moves ahead without prescription. Know that the universes are in rhythm. Patterns flow. Moving ahead when the time is right. The challenge is to allow it to happen naturally and not attempt to do the shifting.

Read: The romantic one “romanticizes” the actual set of events or possibilities. The dress on the young woman in the card appears to be of light chiffon and the bodice is tight. It reveals a heart shaped top that covers her youthful breasts. The girl looks to be escaping some sort of gala or celebration. She wears no jewelry and her shoes are in the style of Mary Jane’s. Clearly she is not ready for the event she leaves. Her objective brain protects herself and her subjective brain tells her to leave. We see her running down the stairs. When we are immature in our world experience, we find ourselves longing for places, people and things that are far beyond our ability to handle them. There is wisdom to not rushing things, allowing nature to take its course and letting time take time. Surrendering to the larger ebb and flow of life’s cycles provides a safe place to step aside and to wait for our turn- in fulfilling the dream that we so desire.


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