Palabras: Loyalty

I sit at a window overlooking the woods. There is snow coming down and the flakes seem to be getting    larger. Today has been one of those days that I take a minute to give thanks for the abundance of wonderful people, opportunities and “stuff” that I have. I took a moment to smudge myself and the cards with sage, I centered and then I asked Graciella, La Gitana, what her message for us is today. I felt her presence as light as a breeze as I pulled the card with her. The card that we chose is the Loyalty card.

Image: The image for this card is of a cloaked woman who is standing at a crossroad. At this intersection stands a large cross with some flowers planted in the earth surrounding it. The figure stands amid what seem to be miles of pasture land. We cannot see the woman’s features because her back is turned away from the reader. Her hood hangs and her hair seems to be wrapped in a sort of turban-like headdress.  She holds what looks like two pieces of palm or twigs in her hand.

Words: Loyal to the situation to a fault. Are you loyal to yourself or to what is expected of you? Lift your head and your eyes to the sky. Be brave.

Read: The figure stands at the crossroads and there is actually the figure of a cross there. It looks like the ones that are left to commemorate the life of a person whose life has been taken in an accident. There are so many ways to read this. The possibility of not going on with our own lives because of the traumatic loss of another is something many of us contemplate, at probably some unconscious level. How can we go on despite the fact that others meaningful to us no longer have the opportunity? This type of thinking may not be consigned only to death. All too often the survivor of whatever discomforting experience may feel guilt about continuing forward and living fully as their path warrants. The symbol of the cross may of course be taken as a religious symbol but it doesn’t have to be limited to that. The number four is known for its expanse of its significance. A few meanings that come to mind are the four corners, the four directions, and the four seasons. While three is the number for transformation and change, actually crossing the intersection brings solidity to the change that we expected or feared when we happened upon the opportunity to make a change.  Go across that street or that barrier that you may have erected for yourself. While we are responsible for our own decisions and the awareness of the consequences of the actions we take, we are not responsible for the responses by others. Being accountable and answering for our actions impacts our decisions. In our thoughtfulness we may also be brave- guilt is not the same as responsibility.


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