Palabras: Spiritual Oracle -Oscuridad y El Pillo

Jupiter shows its beauty along with Venus and the Earth’s Moon. We were blessed to come upon a man who’d brought his high powered telescope out onto the avenue tonight to share with passerby. We were very pleased to see Jupiter and its moons, something we’d never had the opportunity to be present for before, at least in this lifetime. The evening energy was extremely sweet. Choir music wafted from a place unknown to us. The wholeness of all this brought a very magical energy to this evening. Upon arriving home I smudged myself and the cards with sage. After centering, grounding, shuffling the cards, I invoked the energies of Graciella la Gitana, my spirit guide and together we pulled the cards- Oscuridad- The Dark and El Pillo- The Crafty One.

Image: Oscuridad: The image shows itself today as the figure of a female sitting comfortably on the floor or a cushioned area. The body is steadied by the arm and hand it leans on for groundedness.

El Pillo: The image is a figure of a young boy who is running down the street with his hoop and stick in tow. A small dog runs behind him, eager to play with these toys. The boy has the look of a wizened old man when his face is scrutinized closely.

Words: Oscuridad:  There may be temporary blindness. The possibilities of the path may be obscure. Walk slowly and steadily. Grope outwardly when needed. Pick another card to work with this one in order to achieve an increase sense of light. Never alone but with another.

El Pillo: Sly as a fox. Not to be blamed or outdone. Crafty and clever. Used as an errand boy to glean information. Send him or be on the outlook for him to reflect your own actions in the world. One may be fearful of him but he is a child or childlike in his ways.

Read: We don’t have all the answers. None of us do as much as we’d like to believe that we do. Look at the situation that you would like to be read. Look again. There are probably thoughts, visions and information that you can receive but the future is the future. Today I am being cryptic, you might say. That’s fine. If you look closely into the information of these cards, you will receive some answers. The reality is that when the time is right, when the future event you have questions about arrives, that is when the answers will be revealed. Look to the little one. He will afford you many answers that will keep you at the ready for the upcoming event. The feminine of the dark and the masculine, in the form of a child, partner together. Don’t forget to have fun while you wait for your information.


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