Spiritual Sightings 3: Walking on Water

Promised Land Park, in PA, does exactly what it says it will do- it keeps its promise. We love running, biking and we swim in its lake during the warmer days. We recently spent a morning there with a couple of friends. The temperature was frigid but there was no snow on the ground. We grabbed the opportunity to take a run- there were only a few other people there.

We relished the quiet, the cold, and yes, the solitude. Times that I can let my guard down, relax, take deep breaths and enjoy nature, when I am happy to be in my skin. Having friends and loved ones to share these times with makes it all the more pleasurable.

On our way out we spotted a few men and child ice fishing. This is totally out of my realm of experience. I thought about the biblical views of Walking on Water. The connotation of this, for me, brings forth the concepts of trust, belief in something higher than myself and the ability to give over- knowing that I will be taken care of. These personal struggles usually go on inside of me- indicative of the old saying, “it’s an inside job.”  It’s nice to see the externals of what this means. I felt gratitude that I was able to see this process. Sometimes my fear will take me out of doing something that will be life changing. This is a simple reminder. One that I can refer to when I want to take a step in moving forward and my anxiety that I may fall short in an endeavor keeps me from trusting in that which I’ve placed my confidence. Thanks, ice fisher people!


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