Palabras: Spiritual Oracle- Celebration

This weekend was another whirlwind of beauty and joy. It started with me having a tummy ache that I attributed to a birthday celebration dinner at a fine restaurant that we adore. Friday morning I could barely move with a heaviness about me and a queasy belly. By the evening I was myself again and sat at my desk to edit, revise, read and do all those things that writers do. The rest of the weekend was enjoyed with friends. We sang, played guitars, ukulele and a flute. I admit I was the flute player and one of my friends thought our dog needed to go out. It was actually hilarious.  Well, you get the picture. We shared food, laughter, an impromptu game of Frisbee and love. Arriving back at my desk this evening, I smudged myself and the cards with sage. I centered and channeled the energy of Graciella, la Gitana. She seemed quite business-like with her glasses sitting on the bridge of her nose. After shuffling and fanning the cards out, together we pulled the Celebration card.

Image: The image is that of several persons sitting around an open fire playing instruments. There is a young woman, an elder, a matron and a young child all engaged playing different instruments. These include two harmonicas, a flute and one person is clapping her hands. They are set in a clearing in the woods. All have their eyes closed except for the little girl whose eyes are wide open as she blows into her harmonica.

Words: Celebrate! Take time from the daily routine to show gratitude. Enjoy the spirit of life.  The coming together of generations helps us to remember our ancestors and to rejoice in what we have beyond the material world.

Read: My first inclination is to see this card as a replica of the weekend I spent with my spouse and dear friends. The second is to think that we don’t have to wait for the weekend in order to enjoy the music of friendship and life. When I go deeper, I see the differing ages of the women who are pictured in this card. Each holds the secrets, the promise, and the gifts of very special stages in our lives. Each brings something different to the experience the individual personifies. How do all of these entities within me make me who I am and are able to harmonize with the others in order to make me whole? The child in me brings wonder, happiness, desire to play and a shyness to new enterprises. The young woman brings a lustiness, love for life and deep sexuality to the endeavor. The matron brings discipline, awareness and a vision that is rich with experience. The elder within me brings wisdom, humor and a connection with the spiritual world. These aspects together allow for wholeness in the celebration of life. Get to know all the parts of yourself- no matter what your chronological age. You will have the opportunity to celebrate you.


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