Palabras: Spiritual Oracle- Opportunity

I’ve just received surprising news from someone who is choosing to consciously partake of a new activity that she has been dabbling in for a while. The decision to actively participate is different than falling into a situation that happens to present itself. I’m not thinking outcomes here; I am focusing on how we involve ourselves in the possibilities that life offers us at any given turn. It may be the turn of a thought, a door knob or a key but the action brings us toward something new.  I’ve taken definitive steps toward decluttering in some aspects of my life this last week. My hope is that these actions will allow me to be open to the expansiveness that life brings when we aren’t too constricted or suffocating in what we fear to rid ourselves of in our finances, materials, emotions- anything that stifles.

With these thoughts in mind, I smudged myself and the cards with sage. I centered and channeled the energy of Graciella, la Gitana. After shuffling and fanning the cards out, together we pulled the Opportunity card.

Image: The image is that of dice falling against a green felt background. The numbers shown are one are six, four and one and on the other-one, five and two.   

Words: Fortuitously, opportunity abounds. As with all chance what is missed or not chosen today may be encountered again, either in the past or the future. Time and space as we know it are irrelevant. Are you ready to take a chance? Ready to take a risk? What do you have to lose or to gain?

Read: Each day we are given the opportunity to start something new. It may be an endeavor that up until now has never been thought of or it may be something that has been tooling around in our brains for a while. Maybe it has been tooling around in our hearts or spirits. As humans, we often believe that when something is lost that it is gone forever. We even have the saying that ‘something lost is something gained.’ That may be true in some cases. In other areas, it may mean that today is the day that you make the decision to make the phone call to the person that’s been on your mind, to apply to the Master’s program that you believed you could never swing for lack of resources, whether financial or in terms of family support. Today may be the day that you walk out of one door and never look back. It can also be the day you decide to stay exactly where you are because in your marrow you feel it is on the path that you wish to be. Today is a day of excitement, some anxiety, but it is also one of love for yourself. Take a moment to meditate with the notion of opportunity- you may be surprised and, yet, know that the prospect you contemplate is meant for you. While you may have to search for it because it doesn’t show it’s shiny self on first glance it is there. Believe that. Each day comes with the opportunity for something new, different and challenging in our lives. Congratulations on embracing the opportunity that has come your way.


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