Palabras: Spiritual Oracle- The Toreador

The magic of a bit of gardening, writing, running and eating sandwiches on our porch continues to reverberate within me. As I sat to pull the card, my two novel protagonists, Julia and Rene Acevedo, jumped into my mind. I spent a great deal of the weekend with them. Needing to make sure that I didn’t make this a personal reading, I centered and ground myself as well as I could, of course, smudging myself and the cards with sage. I immediately felt my spirit guide, Graciella la Gitana, standing to my left. Pointing, pointing, pointedly at the card she instructed me to turn over- The Toreador.

Image: The image is that of a toreador in full dress with his back to the reader. He is standing in the middle of the sandy arena facing a full audience of observers. No faces are seen in the image. His red cloth is alive as it sways in his hands. Directly in front of the toreador is the door to the bull pen- still closed.

Words: Circling, Spiraling, not to be outdone, ready for the kill. Stealth, magnetism, power, stubbornness. Done for the reactions of the audience; a thirst for blood. Look to your own motives.

Read: The message is quite apparent and already shared in the words. Indeed, I foresee several potential areas where I could use the advice of this card as I prepare for the coming week. There will be instances that I, as well as others, will have the opportunity to “throw down,” a term I’ve heard used often. It’s not something that I relish. How important is what I want as opposed to the wants of the person, thing, or “bull” who stands in front of me. I can wait for it to emerge and play to an audience who will egg me on. Or I can fold up my cloth, remove my hat and take a bow. The flourish is attractive but is not all that is. Graciella would like us to look to our motives and think of why we are willing to “give blood” to something that might not be as worth it as we think it is. I am in eager anticipation of how this card will show itself this week. Honey is the nectar of the Gods- oh, and Goddesses too! Olé!



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