Fifty Shades of Red

After submitting a query to a potential agent I continued to peruse the cyber arsenal for more agent information. It was the moment  after I pressed ‘send’ that I realized that this particular agent was mainly interested in reading women’s erotica. My bad. I’d missed that from the site that I thought was quite thorough in its agent descriptions.

During my dissertation years, I’d had a discussion with one faculty advisor about how much I was reading. I swore that I brought my books to bed where I read the required Kant, Rogers and the rest of the philosophers’ and theoreticians’ great works. I was a bit red in the cheeks when she advised me to keep only erotic literature  on my nightstand. I must admit that I prefer good mysteries myself.

Zoom camera to ten years later. My cheeks are now fifty shades of red (no, not grey) when I envision this particular agent clearly licking her lips when she says she welcomes erotica! My novel has a few well placed steamy scenes but by no means can be classified as erotica. The quite pleasant rejection let me know that after reading my proposal this agent ‘wasn’t moved enough.’ Oh dear! She also used the expression ‘not feeling passionate enough’ regarding my idea to agent it. Now I’m aware of an entirely different level of meaning of what she means by this.

I believe there is a place for erotic literature but just not in my computer or in my brain. Maybe I’m not ‘passionate’ enough but I am enthralled about telling stories about real people doing real things that encompass my idea of what is important in this world. Erotica, for today, isn’t top on my list of items I care to obsess about, revise and rewrite and shop to agents or publishing houses. It’s just not my writing passion.

On to the next query…


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