Palabras: Spiritual Oracle

Palabras: Spiritual Oracle
Palabras: Spiritual Oracle

The West

After a weekend of creating, sharing and relating with others, old friends and new, I am back to sitting with myself. I wake up, run, eat, play with my dogs and sit to write. First I prepare to pull a card from my Spiritual Oracle: Palabras with the thought of what I am I to share with my readers. I smudge, light a white candle, am called to light a cigar, center, set intention and connect with my spiritual guide, Graciella la Gitana. We pull The West.

Words: Go forward in the warmness of the Great Feminine. Life can be experienced as the ebbs and flows of the tide. Seek to look within and find the connection with that which stands seemingly apart. The majesty of this direction calls for you to do great works- always in service to That which is higher than you.

Image: The image for the West card is a monumental rock that sits in the middle of the vast ocean. The moon is seen rising in the horizon. 

Read: The dark waters of looking within… These words are part of a morning tobacco prayer that I say when I honor the four directions, Mother Earth and Father Sky. To be in prayer is a time of taking within and connecting with a Source greater than ourselves. I’ve come across people recently who talk about spiritual states and say that they are interested in an in-depth spiritual life. They then debate whether they actually trust the people who practice the spiritual paths they are interested in following. They stay in debate. Sometimes they go forward but stop themselves from fully going forward because of something that may have happened to them during childhood and say they can never trust again. They also sometimes debate about changing from a religion that isn’t quite what they feel but they feel guilty about embracing a new tradition. The words “the dark waters of looking within” is a clue here. We need to go within and trust ourselves. I, too, debate at times. When we’ve been in a place we no longer want to be, as adults, we no longer need to be there when someone else or something else, such as tradition or culture, keep us from fulfilling ourselves spiritually. We are not bound by cords any longer and if we are we should keep on moving. Our spiritual life is, firstly, between us and our Higher Powers, with people and life then thrown in. Sometimes, as I do, we practice more than one practice and it feels right. Do we never wear the blue shirt because the red shirt is good enough? Look within and stop making excuses. Follow your intuitive self. We are the only ones who can free ourselves.


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