Palabras: Spiritual Oracle

Palabras Spiritual Oracle ©Preparing to pull a card, I had to really stop to think about my purpose. This oracle is in transition again. The illustrator and I have conferenced on the path that we are to take in terms of having them manifested. Today, I heard on the news that the Pope has decided to resign. I watched some television that showed celebrations for the Chinese New Year and am learning about the Year of the Snake. It’s all about change, change, change. Today, Graciella, la Gitana, and I pulled the Oscuridad (the dark) card. When the Oscuridad card comes up, I know that I am to pull another and the Spiral card was revealed.

Words:  Oscuridad- The dark. There may be temporary blindness. One may not see the possibilities of the path on which he or she walks. Walk slowly and steadily. Grope outwardly when needed. Pick another card to work with this one in order to achieve an increased sense of light, awareness, if needed. Never alone but with another.

Spiral- Climb up the double helix of the spiral. Know you have been in similar situations before and the current one is merely reminiscent of the ones experienced in the past. This is not a repeat performance. What you have learned previously, whether in this current life, or a past, should hold you in good stead.

Image: The image for the Oscuridad card is that of a figure seated in the dark. Hands reach out as the figure attempts to get its bearings. The image for the spiral card is that of a tambourine with ribbon of various colors splayed out in motion.

Read: Is it all new? Somewhat. The important thing is to remember and to acknowledge our foundations. I’ve heard that life is unpredictable and I’ve experienced coming up short in situations that at first glance seem surprising. At second glance, upon seeking within, I’m aware that while the situation may seem different that I’ve come across similar ones before. What motivates me to think that all is new? Why do I act as an ingénue when certainly I am not? When I am taken by surprise, anxiety is allowed to form within. That can be a smokescreen for me to hide behind. If I wallow in surprise and dread I don’t have to transform or transmute into the newness that is being called for me. If I let that go I can go forward and grow as an individual. That is something I would like to try. The fact that I’m on this planet, in this day and time, shows me that I’m prepared for the newness coming into my life.

How do you react and move with grace when a new situation pops into your life?



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