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Sometimes we already have what we’ve been looking for. It may come in the way of materials, house, love, or relationships but we’re still searching out for the right thing. We may exhaust ourselves thinking we need, need, need and will never be able to find it. It may already be right in front of us or behind us. Look to the left and look to the right. You may find it. This was the topic of a brief conversation I just had. I’d been preparing to pull this week’s card. When it comes to divination there are no coincidences. A phone call, a door knock, a bell ring. It’s all meaningful.  I shuffled, smudged and fanned the cards out. I centered and allowed Graciella la Gitana’s  sweet but industrious energy to merge with my own. Together we pulled the Loyalty card.

Image: The image is that of a figure standing at a cross road. His or her body is turned away from the reader but one can see that it is holding a twig or a small branch in its hand. It stands in front of a large cross on a mound of dirt.

Words: Loyal to the situation-to a fault. Are you true to yourself? Or to what is expected of you? Lift your head and eyes to the sky. Be brave.

Read: It is almost shocking to me how differently the cards show themselves to me despite the fact that I’ve been working with them for some time. I was always sure that the figure in this cared is that of a female. Today I have the distinct knowledge that it is of the masculine. I also thought that cross was a grave marker. Today I read it as a sign showing different paths on the crossroad. The flowers in the hand are actually a branch that is used by the figure as a “dowsing instrument” helping the figure to pick the “right” path. My goodness! Is it the early morning sun that gives me such a different vision today? Today, this card speaks about the masculine, making assertive choices in the actions that we will take. The figure has an elaborate headdress on that looks as though it covers the eyes. Sometimes we make moves that we are uncertain about the outcomes but we do so in faith anyway. Staying loyal to situations that no longer work for us doesn’t help us or anyone in our lives in the long run. Go for it. As the card says, be brave! I realize there are two messages here. One is that sometimes we have what we’ve desired all along and we don’t need to continually search outside of ourselves. The second message is that we shouldn’t stay in something that is no longer meant for us.



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