Palabras: Spiritual Oracle

Sitting with this oracle that is quickly coming to fruition, I realize that these messages are all about the masculine and the feminine- qualities that we all possess. It’s essential not to get caught up in the many female aspects of the cards. It is our task to look at the masculine interplay at work for each. Many who sit for spiritual readings want the easy way out- they want someone to tell them their “future.” Having a reading is more in depth than that. Once the read is given, the person who sits for it must meditate on what messages they’ve received. We are our greatest teachers if only we’d really take a look at our motives and actions. Today, after smudging and centering, Graciella, la Gitana, and I pulled the El Sol card- the sun.

Words: El Sol- There are spots of burning darkness on the sun. We may get caught in the intensity without being aware that we are actually burning. We may be suffocating. We must take a deep breath and decide whether we want to put up protection. We may get burned but can also see with a clarity not obscured by shadow.

Image: The image for El Sol card is that of a female figure walking across the desert. To her right, is a camel that holds all of her equipment. She is cloaked as she goes across this great terrain. She holds her left arm up shielding her eyes from the full midday sun that beats down with all the energy of the sun- the masculine parts of herself.

Read: What are the things that you are hiding from? Those are the situations, people and objects that usually find us and we are often not prepared when they appear despite our best efforts. Avoidance should be one of the seven deadly sins. It is probably cloaked in sloth. We’re sometimes too lazy to delve deeply into our psyches. It may the discomfort of what we may find. Avoidance may also hide behind pride. What is the price we are willing to pay in order to maintain a façade we are happy to boast about? If we dig a little deeper we may be pleasantly surprised. There is a fruitfulness to be gained, although it may be an uncomfortable process in the doing, from doing a reflection on ourselves. Try it today. Take a few moments. Sit with it. Process it. Write it out. Share it with another trusted soul. We may be glad that we did.


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