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Palabras: Spiritual Oracle©
Palabras: Spiritual Oracle©

Palabras-Spiritual Oracle ©

A new day means a new life. I can start afresh and look at life with a new perspective. Creating a spiritual life affords me those possibilities. It’s with an open mind and heart that I choose to do this. As always, I smudged with sage, centered and shuffled the cards. I asked what message I was to share today. Along with Graciella, la Gitana, one of my spirit guides, I pulled El Fuego, the fire card.

Image: The simple image for the fire card is a mass of flames. Within the flame are images that can only be seen by the seer. Each reader may discern something different.

Words: The dance lives in the fire. Look deeply to discern the spirit and sacredness of life. Listen to the hiss, feel the heat. Observe the embers and the worlds they show you. Do not be afraid and offer to it the respect it has earned from the beginning.

Read: In earliest of times, fire was discovered to be a source of warmth and that it could be used to cook food. Fire was used to protect oneself and to destroy others in battle. Blankets and clothing were burned to be rid of bacteria and disease. We continue to use fire for many of the same purposes but often in different manners. People boast, ‘I have a fiery nature!’  Sometimes their tempers get the best of them and they act rashly and lose jobs or create friction in their relationships. There is also the potential for harm in a slow burn. This may take the form of using a match to light a cigarette or cigar. Eventually this may damage one’s lungs. Take the day to see how fire manifests itself in your life. If you build sacred fires, read flames, see the images you are shown, read the embers, there is more to be heard. Own your personal responsibility toward fire. It is to be respected.




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