Palabras-Spiritual Oracle ©

Palabras: Spiritual Oracle©

Today is the start of a new week. There are lists to be made, projects to create, relationships and all the responsibilities that go with them to be tended. It is easy to get overwhelmed and wonder where to begin. Today, I begin with a general forecast of the week and choose to listen to the messages that are shared from a trusted source. As always, I smudge with sage, center and shuffle the cards. I lit and inhaled from a cigar as guided by spirit guide, Graciella, la Gitana. Together we pulled the West card.

Image: The image is that of a massive rock formation that lives in the great waters of the Mother. The sun is in the horizon.

Words: Ride the wave. Go forward in the warmness of the Great Feminine. Experience the ebbs and flows and shifting changes. Seek to look within and find the connection with that which seemingly stands apart. The majesty of this direction calls you to do great works. In service always to That which is higher than you.

Read: Simplify your life. That doesn’t mean that you neglect or deny the many responsibilities in your life. The message is an invitation to make simple all the things you do, are involved with and see them as gifts to which you’ve been entrusted. The rock brings to mind a sense of the stoic. At first glance it seems the waves should be playing against the formation. The second glance shows that the force of the waves can indeed be violent. Can you withstand the forces? This card was originally designed with the image of the sun in the horizon. Today the circular form is taken to be the moon. It is of the feminine. Go quiet. Go within. Look to the strength within you that enables you to withstand the outer forces that may at times seem unbearable. Trust that you are protected and given sustenance to proceed. The plant life and crustaceans hold onto the rock formation and don’t fall off, wither way or dissolve. This is a day of strength- of the inner kind.


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