Palabras-Spiritual Oracle ©

Palabras: Spiritual Oracle©
Palabras: Spiritual Oracle©

In this part of the world it is Monday. For most of us it means beginning the week anew. The idea of starting afresh, not tired or hurried is probably the way to do this. Most of us are going at breakneck speed and take only moments to rest and rejuvenate. The idea of not bringing last week’s baggage along with me, while honoring the fact I carried that bag last week, is important. I smudged with sage, centered and shuffled the cards. I asked what message was I to share today. Along with Graciella, la Gitana, one of my spirit guides, I pulled The Fortune Teller card.

Image: The image is that of a young woman sitting at a round table. In front of her are tarot cards with only the backs displayed. There is another set of hands shown across from hers at the table. The figure is not visible. Behind the couple we see a large armoire filled with tools that a fortune teller may use. There are crystals, spheres, tinctures, and such. There is a large sleeping dog on the floor in front of the armoire.

Words: Seek outside counsel. The messenger may take the form of a gypsy fortune teller scrying water, gazing into a crystal sphere or throwing runes. Show yourself, know yourself. Know your fortune, know your future. Utilize the medium in which you feel most comfortable or better yet, most uncomfortable.

Read: In deciphering the meaning of today’s message, I hear the message of not doing things alone. The hands that reach toward the woman seated at the cards I take to be that of the fortune teller. I’ve seen it opposite in past readings- that the young woman was the seer. Today the seer goes for help. There is fear in the eyes of the one who goes for the reading. We may “look” the part of who we play in the roles we choose this lifetime but we often internally may not feel adequately prepared for the action to be taken. There are many tools one may utilize to help one take action. They may be hidden in an armoire, locked behind a close door or, as the dog, we may be asleep to actions we may take to get a through a particular situation. While we bring trust to others when we ask for help, today I hear strongly that it is important not to be conned into doing something that may not be fitting for us. The trick of this is not to “con” ourselves into remaining asleep as the dog. Seek counsel, receive the message and take action.



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