Palabras: Spiritual Oracle©

Palabras: Spiritual Oracle©
Palabras: Spiritual Oracle©

My thoughts are whirling after an afternoon of listening to and participating in sharing of wonderful poetry and prose. It’s Monday and it’s time, for me, to get back to work in another area of my life that oftentimes may not seem as magical, but actually is. Today I shuffled, smudged the cards with cigar smoke and sage. I centered and fanned the cards out. I asked my spirit guide, Graciella la Gitana, to help me bring forth this week’s message to share. Together we pulled La Pobresa card. Poverty.

Image: A woman, whose head is covered in a scarf, stands in front of a pawn shop. She holds beads, a necklace or maybe a bracelet in her hand. The proprietor meets her eye from the front window. He stands next to a display that includes a tray of rings, a guitar, and other valuables that others have given to him for money.

Words: Feeling the poverty? What is important may have to be given up. This card is about financial options. A sense of pride is in the air. Sometimes we have to do things we don’t necessarily want to do in order to move forward or at least to a different place when the place we are in is no longer fruitful. We may sense the disarray in external therefore internal life.

Read: While the statement I reread above states this is about the financial aspect in our lives, this read is a bit different. The word “Sacrifice” resounds in my thoughts. Sacrifice isn’t something that many of us like to do. Scan your being, energy, surroundings. Look to see where there is imbalance. That might be the thing we can consider letting go of in order to go forward to be who we are truly meant to be. Another suggestion is to look at the Seven Deadly Sins and see what is not really working for us, we may already know it, but continue to make the same choices all the time because it may be scary to tweak a thing that we may uncomfortable with but what we’ve gotten used to. As the woman in the card, we can bring our jewelry to the pawn shop. The other perspective is that it is not a bracelet she is planning to enter the shop with to pawn. It may actually be that she is passing the pawn shop and using prayer beads, of some sort, or a rosary that she is using for prayer. Surrendering may mean not giving up but giving over to something Higher in our lives, That which we can depend on for our spiritual riches. This type of surrender radiates to all aspects of our lives.


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