Palabras: Spiritual Oracle©

Palabras: Spiritual Oracle©
Palabras: Spiritual Oracle©

We are in the season of Spring and at the start of the new week. This means beginnings and the anticipation of growth, budding flowers and trees and newness. This morning, I shuffled, smudged the cards with cigar smoke and sage. I centered and fanned the cards out. I asked for Graciella la Gitana to merge her energies with mine. Today she feels like a mere whisper but is also definitive in her presence. We pulled La Espera card. The wait.

Image: In the foreground stands a young man whose dark wavy locks almost cover his eyes. He is leaning against a house and his sleeveless shirt boasts his muscular torso and arms. He looks off to the side nonchalantly. There is a little dog standing right behind him. Energetically, it seems the dog is waiting to play. His demeanor shows excitement not like that of the male. A barefoot woman, lithe of body, with hair blowing in the wind hangs wet clothing on a line attached to a tree. Her skirt is voluminous and petticoats are revealed.

Words: Patience is called for in this situation. There is seeming indifference in the face that is shown to others. The face that masks the long wait. There may be belief that one has arrived and the time is right but this is not so- it will be just a little longer.

Read: We are often off to the races. We cannot wait for the next great thing to happen. Working hard, playing hard, living hard is the way we often hurtle through life. But wait, what happens to the present? Do we miss it because we are so intent on the next thing? What are we doing right now? Are we relishing it or are we blowing it off until the next best thing occurs? Take stock for a minute. Look down at your feet and see where they are planted. They’re there for a reason. We are where we are because we’ve taken ourselves here. It may seem like a mistake or a disaster or a pause on play. Not a fact. We’re here because we’re meant to be here now. If you are viewing where you are as part of the greater fabric of going on to the next thing you may be surprised to find that you are here for a purpose. Take some moments and let the answers of what your true task is, what your “waiting” station means, let who you are in the now come to you. Do this while you  are in the supposed state of wait.



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