Palabras-Spiritual Oracle ©

Palabras: Spiritual Oracle©
Palabras: Spiritual Oracle©

You have all the tools that you already need in order to do that which you want to get done. I listened to this as I prepared for pulling this week’s card. As I lit the cigar, I thought about the many ways cigars are used. When I engage in spiritual readings, I often light one. For an instant I thought about the population I work with- many of whom sprinkle substances in cigars to ‘get high.’ This act is believed by many to be in touch with the Spirit. As we do have what we need to be in conscious contact with our Higher Beings, it is up to us as to how exactly we will use them. I smudged with sage, centered and shuffled the cards. I blew cigar smoke over the cards and asked what the message for me to share is. Along with Graciella, la Gitana, one of my spirit guides, I pulled The Celebration card.

Image: The image for the Celebration card is as follows: There are four figures sitting around a campfire. They are in the woods. A woman stands playing the flute. She is holding it lovingly against her body. A little girl with long hair and pleated skirt holds a harmonica to her lips. An old woman is seated clapping her hands. In the forefront of the card is a white haired gentleman with a lined face. He is playing the harmonica too.  The feeling is that he is very much in the music that the reader can almost hear.  All of the figures have closed eyes except for the barefoot girl who looks to be about six year years old. Her eyes are round and wide open.

Words: Celebrate! Take time from the daily routine to show gratitude and to enjoy the spirit of life. The coming together of generations helps us to remember our ancestors and to rejoice in what we have beyond the material world.

Read: It’s fun for me to pull this card. I’ve been at work creating the invitations for my book launch for Covering the Sun with My Hand. This fun is added to the years of work put into the creation of the book. The time is coming to share the actual creation in the world and to enjoy each moment of it. It’s all a mystery. Like life. How is that we find ourselves doing things? Do we say that we want to be writers and begin writing? Do we say we want to sing and suddenly we’re singing? There must be something deeper in us and our connections to our higher selves that bring us where we are. Hard work, perseverance and diligence bring us to the point, many times, of celebration. Look to see how you celebrate your creations with the tools you are afforded by your own hands and that of your Higher Power. Bring gratitude to the process; it may change your experience.


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