Palabras: Spiritual Oracle©

Palabras: Spiritual Oracle©
Palabras: Spiritual Oracle©

At times I feel so busy that I envision myself juggling plates. It’s usually not a great feeling. This time, it’s different. Wonderful things are spiraling in the air. It’s all been on my Higher Power’s time and not mine at all. I don’t think I could have planned any of this for myself. It’s all blessed and I’m glad I just stuck to doing the things I love. Because of this love and perseverance I’m experiencing the fruits of my love in ways I could never have anticipated. I’m grateful and hope that each person who reads this will also experience these times in your lives. This morning, I smudged with sage, grounded and centered my energy. I invited the energy of my spirit guide, Graciella la Gitana to come and share in pulling this week’s card. Together, our energies pulled the card-The Toreador.

Image: The image is that of a toreador in full dress standing in the middle of the ring. He is surrounded by crowds of people, anticipating, and cheering him on. The door to the bull pen has not been opened as yet but stands heavily closed in the background.

Words:  Circling. Spiraling. Not to be outdone. Ready for the kill. Stealth, magnetism and power. Done for the effects of the audience. Done for their reactions and thirst for blood. Look to your own motives.

Read: I have a visceral reaction when I see this card. I am the channeler of this oracle. The idea of a bull fight is popular for many people of different countries. I don’t share the sentiment. My feeling is one of sorrow for the bull. The bull that is unsuspecting and hurt without cause. The message today is to look to where you put your drive and thirst for power. Is there some victim who will be smarting and injured as you attempt to gather an audience who will cheer you on? Meditate on the larger consequences, in this world and in the universe, of the actions you are planning to take. It may change your course. There are ways to fulfill the promise of yourself without harming anyone or anything as you do so.


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