Palabras-Spiritual Oracle ©

Palabras: Spiritual Oracle©

Putting all else aside, I smudged with sage, centered and shuffled the cards. I blew cigar smoke over the cards and asked for the message I am to share. Together Graciella, la Gitana, my spirit guide, and I pulled the card- The Prisoner.

Image: A thin, forlorn woman sits in a fortress-like prison. Next to her, a colorful parrot sits atop its perch. There is a window cut out into the stone walls. A rising sun is seen.

Words: Sitting behind iron gates, reflect on the events that have led to incarceration. There is a sense of powerlessness as one awaits the words of another to set one free. This is the time to gather one’s spiritual resources to strengthen the soul. Freedom will always be attained at the end.

Read: Use your time wisely. Rather than sitting and waiting for outside forces to grant whatever you wish, take an action. The observer may see the woman as merely waiting. In actuality she may be meditating or gathering what wisdom she has gained in what appears to be a dismal situation as she goes forth. The sun rising offers a sense of hope. Use of the darkness of the feminine, water, intuition, and a silvery approach intermingled with the golden aspects of the sun brings balance and even an acceptance of the situation you are asking about. All is not lost. Again, take an action and see how the inner and outer melded together brings about change.


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