Brooklyn Book Festival 2013- getting there

Author sign BBF

This was my first year participating in the Brooklyn Book Festival. Last year at the end of September I was feeling prickly that I didn’t have an editor yet. I certainly didn’t have a publisher. There was that brief luncheon in SoHo with an agent who assured me that she was interested in my work. After hearing me read one Sunday afternoon she invited me out and we chatted and got along famously. She asked me to forward my manuscript to her once more as somehow my manuscript was now a missing document in her files. I did. I never heard from her again.

A month later another agent who admitted she sat on the fence about my freshly revised manuscript decided that the project wasn’t for her. As writers we know that time-worn excuse, “I want whoever takes your project on to love it! As you do.” I agree but simply put rejection hurts.

A couple of days later, ending October, Aignos Publishing Managing Editor-In-Chief, Jonathan Marcantoni called me. He loved my story and how I told it. That is the beginning of the end of isolation in my writing process. Covering the Sun with My Hand was published in May. It has excellent reviews on Amazon and what I’ve heard by good old fashioned word of mouth.

This September not only was I part of the Brooklyn Book Festival as an Author but I was part of the NYC contingent of the Aignos Publishing author team. Our table celebrated Chris Campanioni, author of Going Down, Manuel Melendez, author of Where Angels Fall,  and me with my prized Covering the Sun with My Hand! We had a great time and met with other authors, readers and folks who are connected with the literary process. What a difference from a year ago!

Enjoy some pics. Maybe I’ll see you there next year. With a little work and a lotta hope, anything is possible!


Chris, Manny, me


Me, Manny, Chris (I have their profound attention)


Display for Feast of San Sebastian (Jon Marcantoni) and

Going Down (Chris Campanioni)


Us again


Me with Maria Aponte- Author of Transitions of a Nuyorican Cinderella


Me with Julia Abrantes of NYC Chapter of Las Comadres


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