Guilt in blogging

A friend told me that blogs seem to be guilt inducing. It seems that almost every time she visited a blog the latest posts were apologies for not posting regularly. I took that to heart. I’ve done that myself often enough. So what is the deal around that? It made me think of the phone calls that I haven’t returned yet. I want to. It’s just that I haven’t gotten around to them. I value the people. I value my time. What are my reasons for blogging? I want to blog when I have something to say- just like telephone calling.

Maintaining a relationship with my website is important. I had a web designer look at it.  Her feedback was that it was an “older model.” That it should be sharpened to keep up with the more successful bloggers. After talking around the possibilities she couldn’t come up with ideas and it remains as “older model.” Sometimes I’m psyched to change it around. But the truth is that I like my turtle and colors although I get into a quasi panic every time I read a post warning against light lettering against a dark background. Something about “over forty” eyes. I’ve got those too. Older models.

Every once in a while I check out new templates. They’re okay. I may switch up when I find the right one. I’m far away from being the anti-blogger I used to be. Blogging is like anything else. Other things come up and it gets pushed to the side for a while. I may not be blogging but I may be channeling a poem, revising a chapter, musing about character pathology or cleaning my bathroom.

Some people use their websites to tout their books, announce events, share links, fundraise or do interviews on exciting and creative people. I’ve done all of those at some time or other- except for fundraise. Whatever floats your boat.

I’m not apologizing for infrequent blogging. I’m not feeling guilty. I’m accepting my relationship with it.

Happy blogging!



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