Writing: you are who you practice to be

During a recent early morning meditation I heard that I should integrate being an author in all areas of my life. I confess that first I had to figure out what that meant. This meditation came on a day that I was preparing to do my civic service on jury duty. Hated it with two snaps up.

It was only a few days before this meditation that an author friend of mine, Manny Melendez, told me he writes on the train as he goes from one job site to another. He spends many hours of his day on the subway and uses his time preciously. I’m happy that I’ve been able to carve out one and a half days a week for writing activities. I wasn’t so happy to find out I’d be in a court room for the full five day workweek for two weeks straight.

Sitting in Julia Cameron’s Right to Write workshop recently she had us pair up or sit in threes, do a short writing activity and then offer ‘popcorn’ to each other. ‘Popcorn’ consisted of brief positive feedback on the endeavor at hand. We collected our ‘popcorn’ from each other. Mine stayed in a notebook until I prepared to come to jury duty. They fell out of the back of the book when I went to put it in my bag.

The tiny pieces of ‘popcorn’ told me “you are passionate,” “compassionate,” “believe in yourself, Theresa!”, “successful,” “joyous” and many others in this same vein. The one that said “able to turn a painful situation into something meaningful” really caught my eye. All this remind me of a spiritual adage that reminds me to “Practice these principles in all my affairs.”

These reflections show me that my authorship skills of diligence, discipline, joy and endurance are integral with my spiritual life. I wrote this post on the subway today just as my author friend does. Balancing the perceived good with the perceived bad helps me to practice to be who I am destined to be wherever I am at the time.

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