Writer’s Angst

When is the angst over? Does Joyce Carol Oates wring her hands in secret? Does Stephen King pace before contacting his publisher or during the editing process? Probably not.

I dutifully sit with my editor line editing my mystery Do No Harm that is slated to be published by Aignos Publishing Co. in 2015.  I admit I start out nervous each time. It’s hard to ignore the prickly feeling I get when she mentions my glaring errors. Sometimes I spot them just as she’s about to point them out.  I have to give her credit- she’s good. Those subtly awkward sentences can’t hide from her. During the editing hour, somehow my anxiety begins to turn to glee. My editor truly understands what I’m trying to say and is committed to helping me say it better. In the end the editing process is actually fun. We spend lots of time laughing and fully rounding out the characters.

My angst moves along with me on the conveyer belt of life of writing, editing, and publishing.  It comes along because it’s in me. I have to remember to give it some room but not too much. I know enough to honor my process. It may wane until it dissipates into the ethers or it may not. Whichever way my angst goes I won’t ever let it stop me from moving forward in this thing I do called writing. In fact, I may buy my angst a sweater and keep it warm.

What’s your angst?


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