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November? What happened to October? September is the last time I posted here. I’ve thought about creating a newsletter that would consolidate all the news, events and literary activities that I was involved with during Hispanic Heritage month. I wax and wane about blogging. It’s somehow been great for my novel writing. It helps- just as taking out time to strength train does wonders for my running. I like to keep in touch with the people that I share my stories with and the ability to go back and check my changes and process are other reasons to keep coming back.

The literary events I took part for Hispanic Heritage Month were plentiful and fun! This authorship thing has taken on a life of its own. Social media is excellent but face to face dialog with real people in real time can’t be beat.

I started out by doing a talk for the NYC Chapter of the National Association of Hispanic Nurses on culture and mental health utilizing ‘narrative humility’ as a framework for care provision. What a great group of nurses! Reuniting with the organization has been rejuvenating.

Next, I was the featured author at the Latina 50 plus foundation luncheon held at the East Harlem Café. I was honored that the organizations founder, Maria Aponte invited me to speak. After I spoke about the process of becoming a published author after the age of fifty, I was moved by the stories that were told by the deeply courageous women at the luncheon. This is one foundation I am happy and proud to lend my full support to Latinas over 50, my cohort, in their quests for education and further life progress and development is awesome. By the way, the food was delicious!

The last event I attended for Hispanic Heritage month was as a guest on a panel for Colgate-Palmolive that discussed issues faced by contemporary Latino authors. The other panelists included Matt de la Pena and Luis Jaramillo. This lively talk was moderated by Josy Gallagher of Las Madrinas, yet another powerful organization. Thanks to Aurora Anaya-Cerda for the coordination of this event. The audience interest and participation was great. What especially came to mind was the direction provided by my muse and how important it is to allow a story to unfold without too much tweaking. To be a good writer, I need to listen!

All of these events were woven into my hectic work schedule. Another unplanned job change landed me, willingly-although I’m not sure that counts with my HP- at a shelter for mentally ill women. I worked there briefly in the past and when I found that there was an opening, I jumped at the chance to return to this refuge of hope.

Whew! What a couple of months! I know one thing, we are all so busy doing what we can with the gifts we’ve been endowed. One of my favorite moments was unexpectedly meeting up with an acquaintance in Midtown Manhattan after work one day. She introduced me to her sister as an “author I met during dance class.” Yes, I guess that would be me. Nice!

I think I can forgive myself for not posting since September. Until we meet again…


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