Writing: according to nature’s laws

There are seasons for a reason, I suppose. I look around at the barren trees and know for sure that they will be abundant with leaves during the coming Spring. When I garden, I do so in accordance with the higher laws of nature. I won’t sow seeds in December, that is a time for quiet; the time to be still and empty, readying for the time of growth.

It’s the same with writing. I designate a couple of days a week for ‘serious’ writing- whatever that means. Sometimes life taps me on the shoulder and reminds that I have other things to do; visit friends or family, go on errands or take care of a cold by wrapping myself up in blankets while sipping on a hot cup of tea. If I listen to the laws of nature it’s important for me not to get too rigid about my writing schedule.

A woman I knew once told me about her father who was a fairly appreciated author. She said he would close himself in his office after dinner each evening so he could write. For me, this image is a poignant one. The closing of that door seems quite interesting. For him, I’m sure, it was an image of fulfilling one’s dream and promise as a published author when he entered his office filled with his beloved writing tools. For her, the door closing signified a time to be separate from her father who was away at work all day. The melancholic tone in her voice told me it was an image she regrets from her childhood.

As I write this, I think I am giving myself permission to interact with my loved ones. I can use my train time for writing my poetry, jotting notes about the characters in my current project, and meditate on the course of action that a particular protagonist is taking. There have been times that I’ve not been pleased to put the pen down and then have been blessed with a particular insight or observation that enhances my writing. So for today, I will write according to nature’s laws.


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