Writing: Responsibility

‘Say what you mean and mean what you say’ is something that I learned a while back. I’m not one of those people that talk just to talk and to hear themselves speak as their chests swell with pride at the sound of their voice. That bores me, annoys me, and, sometimes, almost antagonizes me. That is when I stop listening or reading in the case of the written word.

We are blessed, in this country, with the right to say what we feel and what we believe. It’s important to me to use this right, this responsibility, in a learned way. My voice may be silent or my pen not flow across the pad until I am pretty certain of facts and what my motives are in speaking or writing things out.

I recently had a talk with a prospective agent and told them about my new project that is a story about intimate partner violence. Afterward I had a wave of share shame and thought, well, maybe, I can lessen the rawness of the scenes, maybe just a little rough, maybe not rape between a couple who stands side by side in the world together as they face the world. Maybe people would think this is too intense. Maybe, maybe, maybe…

My writing is my gift. With that comes responsibility to do the right thing. If I accept the gift of writing stories I must be loyal to the stories. I may sometimes be uncomfortable or embarrassed or feel shame. Wow. It’s just a story! No, it’s not. The back of my business card says, ‘A life is a story told…’ I must honor that.

The world I live in is riddled with violence, fear, anger, and hate. Without a solution, where do we go? I hold out for peace, I pray, I meditate, I am respectful of the person standing next to me. I hope that I am a healing, light force on this planet. Writing or speaking out about the hard things will be how I move forward in the solution of the pain that is etched on the faces I see and the words I hear. Awareness leads me to action and to responsibility in using the gifts I have received.

For today, I will write and pray for those who are in pain.

May you walk in beauty…

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