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Cozy mysteries are the ones that I grew up reading. They are the ones that were dependable. I knew that the protagonist would usually be a woman. She would be a general busybody  and I’d either love her and want to be like her or she’d irritate me. Either way I wanted to read more.  Suffice it to say that either way, I was glad that there was usually another few “mysteries” in the queue that I couldn’t wait to crack open. Cozies are like crossword puzzles. They tax my brain but not so much that I get a headache. They are relaxing, engaging, and have enough twists and turns in the plot to keep me reading.

More familiar cozies, due to television and movies , were Murder She Wrote, the Ladies Number One Detective Agency that is stationed in Botswana, and of course, the Agatha Christie series. Some of my first best friend amateur sleuths were Nancy Drew and Cherry Ames. These mysteries are usually of the gentle type, there is love and romance and usually no profanity or anything of the hardcore nature. This allows for more of an audience to enjoy including YA and Middle School readers. Yes, I was that kid that read Agatha Christie novels in the fifth grade. Who doesn’t love a fun and quick read? Believe me, as a writer I can definitely delve into intrigue, espionage, and complexities that make the hair stand up on the back of arms- but not all the time.

A few years ago, a character introduced herself to me. Her name was Daisy Muñiz and she had all the stuff of an amateur detective. She has been living in Park Slope, Brooklyn, thanks to her besties Jose and Rubio, and she has somewhat of a troubled past that she is working through one day a time to change.  I was glad she came to me to write her tales of mystery because I never really had the experience of truly enjoying the antics of a Latina sleuth in the cozy mysteries I’ve read. She’s young, but not so young that she doesn’t have some skeletons in her closet. Daisy would give you the shirt off her back but hopefully she’s paid up her credit card bill and the shirt is hers to give away. Her other best friend, Letty, who knows her  since high school will tell you that while Daisy does put her foot in her mouth sometimes, she has a heart of gold. Detective David Rodriguez is just getting to know about that heart of hers.

Daisy’s first mystery, Nights of Indigo Blue, will be released by Aignos Publishing Inc. at the end of September of 2015. I plan to have book launch for her in NYC at La Casa Azul Bookstore on September 25, 2015. I can’t wait for you to meet Daisy- she’s a bit awkward, affectionate, and awesome! See you there!


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  1. I’m looking forward in getting my hands on your book. Many questions are already popping in my head. As a reader who loves a good mystery, an exciting plot with an ending that would leave me nodding my head with approval, I’m anticipating meeting Daisy. The name along brings me memories of this cute little girl that sat next to me on my fourth grade class, who made me feel like a bowl of jelly. Daisy Muñiz, I could see a woman, a tough cookie with soft edges to make her sexy. A person who will rattle a string of curses with the best of sailors, yet her profanities are only for those who deserve them. As well as sweet words and the Puerto Rican iconic phrase bendito. I see a Latina with the attitude of her upbringing, las calles de Brooklyn.
    Yeah, I can’t wait to say hello to Daisy, I might wear a nice quayabera to impress her.
    Very proud of you, Theresa! Very happy for you and your giant leaps that you are making since Julia Acevedo tried to cover the sun with her hand!
    Cuidate, hermana! God bless!

    1. Yes, Manny, Daisy is sexy and soft but really holding back that tough exterior that would have meant her demise. Your description is more of ‘Flor’ that character we love who hasn’t been fully developed and seems to be talking to you. More to come, my friend!

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