I am visible within the invisible

Scrolling on social media I read that having expectations is like having premeditated resentments. I can relate to that, not so much that I’m resentful but that I’m in a place of questioning my creative and professional lives again. The last time I posted was over a month ago. When I wrote that last one I promised myself that I would post more regularly but then life, of course, yet again, interjected itself into my grand plan.

We also had illness and death make a visit to our family. These are the times that the Universe in all of its wisdom tells us that we must take pause. In other words, I am encouraged to “take a chill pill, Theresa.” That is welcome but it is also challenging. Social media happily reminds me that I’m not doing enough and that if I don’t promote, promote, promote, that I will wallow in the land of the lost, the uncelebrated, the alone. When I entertain these thoughts I am glad that the Universe has reminded me to sit instead in the land of the loved, in the stillness of life, and that I’m never alone.

Balancing my creative work and professional life is a tricky business.  It might not be this way if I didn’t also take time to pray, meditate, exercise, and make healthy tasty dishes. My family, friendships, and fellowships are also as important as my spiritual relationships. Did I leave anyone or anything out? A mentally ill client of mine who spoke in tongues during a session told me that my office is “lonely” and a “place to meditate.” These concepts may have been oddly shared but I believe it is a place of stillness where I can gather myself to me when I need to in a very chaotic atmosphere. So, there are gifts in my challenges.

My play, my next novel,  my poetry verses, and all of my creative enterprises are not floundering but actually flowering and I must remind myself of that when I am in the pause mode. The Explicit Order has always been integral with the Implicit Order. We all take time to be in the still of creation with the eventual sharing with others. For today, I will be still and then the Universes will shift and give me the message when it is time for me to shift too. For today, I will remind myself that the quiet is as important as the loud. For today, I will remind myself that there are seasons for all.




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