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Last week’s post was about Change and there was a lot of change for me that I noticed especially toward the end of the week. Most of the changes that took place were of the inside of the chest kind- the ones that affect the heart. I’m feeling lighter, less worried about a toppling skyscraper falling down on my, and felt a clarity I seemed to have missed without even realizing that I was a bit hazy. I’ve added a Twitter account for Pollen Press and you can find us @LlcPollen! I’m excited about that. I already have one follower there. Come on over and check us out there. Ahem, once you’re done with this post.

Graciella and I chose the weekly card together as usual. I smudged with sage in my beloved abalone shell. We centered and gathered our energies together. Shuffled. Fanned. Pull a card. Voila! The Ancestors Card!


This is indeed one of my favorite cards of all! It reminds me that we are never alone. That we are here because of the ones that came before us and that we must never forget that we remain connected although they are on the spiritual plane. This week I did a wonderful spiritual reading for someone and the ancestors were in full force. I was reminded then, as now, that we can do small things to remind our ancestors that they are still in our light and love. What do we remember they loved? A cup of black coffee, a cigar, a deck of playing cards? A piece of cake dripping with honey? What do you remember about your ancestors that you can use to pay homage to them? A white candle, a glass of water on your altar, or a picture that shows them in the prime of health may be thought of by some as mementos, yes, but they are something more. They show that you still respect, love, and are providing the warmth, love, light, and progress for their spirits as they traverse in their ways through the Universe, providing you and me with light, love, protection, and guidance.

Some of us are also conscious of our ancestors that walk with us that may not be of the blood line we carry. These spirit guides also attend to us, whisper in our ears, hold our hands, and navigate us through the challenges and the celebrations of our daily lives. Think about your spirit guides today and give thanks either silently in prayer or by speaking aloud to the night skies. Your relationship with your ancestor is a sacred one. Be there for your ancestor. Your ancestor is there for you!


Graciella y Theresa


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