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Every morning, I pull a card from the Graciella la Gitana Oracle deck. Although I’ve been working with the cards for over fifteen years, I gain new insights and I’ve come to rely on the guidance that each card gives me. Graciella speaks through the cards and she is the most excellent spirit guide.

When I pull a card for the weekly reading it is a different card than the one I’ve pulled that morning. Today, Graciella and I combined our energies and we smudged with sage in the abalone shell. We shuffled the deck three times and placed the cards on my work table this time. I was a bit surprised to see that the same card I pulled this morning was the one that jumped out. The Cape/la Capa.

The Cape/ La Capa

This card speaks to being ready to take action. That is an action in itself. We should have protection when we act. That is symbolized by the red color of the cape. Don’t confuse the red for anger, it is for protection in this case. The protection should be something that the individual has already devised for themselves. What looms large in this sitting is the stone wall that the person is facing. What does the phenomena of a stone wall mean to you? For some it is a memorable event that took place when the LGBTQ persons who were at the Stonewall Inn bar in the West Village decided that they were not going to continue putting up with being treated abominably only because of their choices to live fully as who they were meant to be. I’d like to add, as children of God. We are all worthy and valuable in this world. There may be a time this week when you are asked, maybe not in words, to stand up for yourself and take a decisive, not divisive, stance to proclaim that you are here! You mean something! You are important to this world and are ready to take a stand. A little drama may be in order. You are up to the task. You have been prepared!


Graciella y Theresa


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