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I waver between writing about the various situations in my life or going immediately to the reading for the week. There was a recent post I read where someone had lots to say about the blogger who went on and on about her upbringing and neighborhood when the ultimate post was going to be a recipe. I do believe there are times I don’t write enough about what I’m doing. I was intrigued by Julia Alvarez, I believe, who wrote on her website that she wasn’t blogging because she was writing. Blogging is like cross-training. It can’t always be a long novel. Or can it? I don’t know because I’m blogging and working a regular job and writing novels in-between times.

What’s up is that my novel Coney Island Siren is just about done. I’m down to the very last edits. I’ve given out a few Advanced Readers Copies and generally feel great about the book. The book launch will be at the Nuyorican Poets Café in NYC on June 12 and I’m doing a reading, conversation, and signing at Café con Libros on June 14th in my hometown of Brooklyn. I hope to see you there. There will be a couple of other spots I’ll be with the newest of my literary libations and I’ll let you know here and on other social media places like facebook and Instagram.

I’m back to the weekly reading. Last week I must admit I was busy at a private party hosted in the Bronx by an author buddy for a Graciella Workshop. There were seven of us in total. We had a great time. Eating, talking, teaching, and learning how to read the oracle decks using several layouts. I’m in the process of writing a second Oracle book that includes the layouts with explanations and much more discussion of each concept. Graciella is a task master! There’s lots of meditation involved in obtaining the information so there I go in-between times again. Don’t forget that if you’re interested in hosting a workshop, please email me at

Tonight as usual I smudged myself and the oracle deck with wonderfully smelling sage in my abalone shell. I shuffled the cards, fanned them out facedown on my desk, and pulled. The North/El Norte card appeared.

The North/El Norte

It’s here that as Graciella merged her energy with mine that I immediately heard and felt, Ask the ancestors! What have you made of your relationships with your ancestors? Are you close to them? Do you hear them whisper in your ear? Do you allow them to help you as you walk a path that is often rocky? Do you allow them to help steer you away from obstructions? Some of us are not so knowledgeable about the North and the reference to the old ones and those gone by. There are still those here on this side of the veils who come before us and those who have already crossed over who are rich with wisdom for us to learn from. Again, today I see red flags of warning or alertness for us to take note of. That’s not to say that danger is in the air, it’s to say that we can be aware of pitfalls and possible dangers that we don’t need to get entangled or embroiled in if we listen to the prophecy of the elders. There are many points of advice or suggestions that are handed to us that can alleviate a mountain of problems if only we’d listen. Sometimes we are too headstrong and want to do things our way. That’s fine if we first attempt to discern whether the old way is a way that will allay potential stressors or whether we need to walk on those jagged stones in order to determine who we are. Sometimes we do but then again, sometimes we don’t. We may use that available energy and passion for other more worthwhile things in our lives. Look for the flags this week and listen!

In love and light,

Graciella and Theresa


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