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Spring is here! It’s exciting to experience the blooming trees, shrubs, and flowers in this part of the world. We need Nature and She needs us. Last week, we were in Key West. The trip was spontaneously planned after I was advised by my doc that I needed a vacation. I told her we planned one for later on this year. She advised that now was the time.. We went. I believe my spirit guides spoke through my doc because they know that I listen to her.

Key West Dock
Key West Butterfly Museum

Key West Butterfly Museum

Those are some of the photos I took. My sense of awe and tranquility far surpasses my photography skills. We even went jet skiing. I alternated between closing my eyes and feeling at one with the water with feeling as though I was riding a horse on some of the more powerful waves.

But now, I’m back to sitting with Graciella and pulling a card for this week’s reading. We smudged to glorious sage, shuffled, and centered. Again, together we pulled the North Card. This one seems to be a favorite of Graciella’s.

The North/El Norte

This week the North reminds us to honor our ancestors, our truth, our backgrounds, and our backstories. There are memories and associations with each that we may not want to dwell on and that is fine. We are often pointed to by others who want to accuse us of not being enough or being too much. We receive the message that we’ve done wrong or we are stalked and clung onto by others who may want what they think we have. It’s important to know who we are from the inside out. By familiarizing yourself with your ancestors and guides you can glean the clues of what makes you who you are. Some of it you may love and some may bring up feelings of discomfort. Reflecting on our histories and those who came before us will undoubtedly free us from the ties that bind us. Let’s give ourselves opportunities to look into the mirrors of the lakes within. Let’s not adhere strictly to notions created about ourselves by others. Let’s listen to our ancestors and honor those roads they have paved for us. We now have the ability and tools to further those paths. If you feel you don’t have the tools, reach out. Look to the healthy-hearted ones for some guidance on which tools might be appropriate for you as you dig into the fertile ground of your existence.

In light and love,

Theresa and Graciella

Nature meets civilization

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