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We’re back from Dallas where we attended my son’s graduation for his two year degree. He’s a husband and daddy, works full time, and managed to snag his white Cum Laude cords and gold sash representing the Phi Theta Kappa National Honor Society. We’re all so proud of him. It reminded me of my years in school while raising a family. Not easy but doable. With support and determination anything is possible. That goes for writing too. Pick a goal. Set some objectives. Go for it. Our dreams can come true!

Tonight, a day late again, I shuffled the Graciella la Gitana Oracle deck and allowed Graciella’s energies to merge with mine. We centered. We spread the cards in a fan-like spread on the uncluttered desk. I breathed. Together we pulled the Prisoner/Prisionera card.

The Prisoner/La Prisionera

This is a great example of reflecting on what leads to feelings of being locked up. How do we find ourselves in these situations? Do we truly unknowingly commit crimes? Against others or ourselves? The prisoner state can be a metaphor for how I’m treating my life. As I’d written above, sometimes achieving goals can be extremely difficult depending on the situation. We often forget the reasons why we are imprisoned. The imprisonment is often self imposed. Do I need a reminder that the goals I’ve set mean that I must sit quietly by myself and complete tasks enabling me to check them off my written lists? I remember when I was in doctoral school. I happened to see the chair of my dissertation committee at a green market. Over fruit he assured me that I was almost finished the years of often grueling study, researching, and writing. I felt free at that moment although I had several months left to complete the work. I needed someone else’s say so at the time to tell me enough was enough. Today, I hope that I’m setting achievable goals and that I will know when I’ve reached them. Remember that whatever hardship you may be enduring will always find its end. All is temporary in this life! Cheer up and get to work!

In light and love,

Theresa and Graciella


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