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I’ve just reread the previous weekly reading and Graciella and I had discussed the concept of the Prisoner/Prisionera. Reflecting on how that showed itself in my life on the surface isn’t so easy to see. I’m my own free agent. In fact, I like to think of myself as happy, joyous, and free. I do see how I place very high expectations on myself and am then disappointed when I’m not able to check off the full one hundred things on my list that I’ve set out to accomplish. It isn’t a pattern that always me to pat myself on the back. My tendency to overload myself brings an almost certainty that at some point, if only for a moment, I tell myself that I’m not doing anything. Yes, that’s a big leap, isn’t it?

When I use my smart phone calendar for my to-do list, I delete the tasks that I’ve completed. They disappear into the ethers and then it seems really true that nothing was done. There is no paper-trail. This past week I bought a day planner. A good old-fashioned one that I’ve entered notes into and manually check off what I’ve accomplished. It’s on one hand crazy making because it shows me how much I try to get done. On the other hand, I am not upset with myself because I didn’t accomplish what I set out to do. This week, I’ve also enlisted the help of others at a higher level trusting them to do what they said they would. I don’t want to make myself my own prisoner! More on this to come in a later post.

Today, Graciella and I prepared the cards as usual for our reading. I centered and allowed Graciella’s energy to merge with mine. We breathed and together we pulled a card from the fanned-out spread on my desk. We pulled the Health/Salud card.


What strikes me most in this card is the woman’s eyes and how they directly look into those of the male in the card. Her eyes are filled with compassion. Compassionate Consciousness© , I’ve found over the last year, is Graciella’s charge in the world. How do we take care of others as we are taking care of ourselves? If the person that I am tending to in healing ways is to move toward a healthy state, I must take care of myself too. I see the aura of the male in this image as full of holes that are at once draining his own illness from his body but simultaneously sucking the energies of the healthier female who, in her compassion, sits to offer healing. This is not the image of carnal love. A male sits on the bed grooving toward the woman who brings him promises of love. It is one of equals who give and receive in the best way they can dependent on the balances of energetics that they have agreed to work on with together. Have you found yourself drained after caring for someone? Even if that person is someone that you love or care for deeply? Sometimes it’s easier to care for a stranger than our loved relatives, spouses, or friends. How do you give without being drained?

As conduits of healing, we are obligated to care for ourselves so that our auras don’t end up looking like Swiss cheese. Otherwise, our energies diminish and we can’t take care of ourselves, let alone anyone else. What methods do you use to replenish your energy stores? Sometimes we have to use more energy in a healthy way for that to happen. We may take long walks, run, bike, swim, or engage in breathing and yoga exercises. Our bodies cry out for exercise! We meditate, pray, take deep breaths as we face the sky filled with the night stars or the day’s shining sun. We read a mystery that takes us on a journey far from our daily existences. Sometimes we hold the hand of a child and skip along with them. Or we may even rub our puppy’s belly for a while. Those are actions that will always bring balance into our lives.

What ways do you re-balance, re-gain, re-unite with yourself to gain a harmonic perspective? Do you take time out for yourself as easily as you do for another?

Reflect. I’d love to know what you do. And so would many others!

In light and love,

Graciella and Theresa


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